NRAPA Dedicted Procedure:

  1. NRAPA conducts a relevant training course in respect of dedicated sport shooters that complies with the provisions of the South African Qualifications Authority Act, 1995 (Act No. 58 of 1995) read with the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998) of which it shall be a prerequisite that a member of the sport shooting association must successfully complete before that member may be registered as a dedicated member and dedicated sport shooter with the association; or
  2. bona fides to be or remain a dedicated hunter or sports person, as the case may be; adedicated participation in their applicable hunting or sports shooting activities, as the case may be;
  3. NRAPA keeps on record the particulars of the participation by a dedicated member in his or her hunting or sports-shooting activities as a dedicated hunter or dedicated sport person, as the case may be;
  4. it will in respect of a registered member only allow dedicated membership to the association or organisation as long as the dedicated member is a person in good standing as a dedicated member with the association or organisation, as the case may be;
  5. The process described, is thus related to this legal responsibility NRAPA has towards the lawmaker and to SAPS (CFR), and upon which its accreditation rests.  Therefore there can be no deviation from the prescribed steps in the process described below.

Deviation thereof, will result in NRAPA forfeiting its accredited status with SAPS with devastating effect on the legal firearm ownership of all of its members (not to speak of the liability which will be placed on NRAPA should it loose its accreditation).

The NRAPA Dedicated Award Scheme under which the Dedicated Status Courses are presented, consist of three sections for completion:

FIRST:  an online theoretical evaluation

SECOND: a practical consisting of the shooting of relevant NRAPA target(s) and electronic submission thereof

THIRD:  print, sign and issue of the relevant certificate(s)

Practical evaluation

  1. Dedicated Sport-Person: one target for which you have achieved 60% score - any medium or large calibre rifle (22 also acceptable) or handgun, or score card for round of 25 clays for which you have scored 60%.  Plus the receipt of the range where the targets were shot on the day, or a written declaration on the target signed by the person in charge of the range stating: ..."I confirm that this target was shot on this range and on the date as is indicated at the top thereof".
  1. Officially signed shotgun score cards are acceptable as submissions for the practical of the dedicated courses - with receipt or declaration.
  1. The candidate shoots the target(s) on a recognised shooting range as prescribed per exercise. The candidate then submits the targets to the NRAPA office.
  1. Once the candidate has successfully completed the relevant course(s), s/he will be notified by Email that s/he may officially apply to be awarded the Dedicated Status.

Issue, print & signing of dedicated certificate(s)

  1. Once all of the above steps have been completed correctly, the candidate’s certificate(s) are generated and submitted to a commissioner of oaths for signing and then forwarded to the member. Members will complete a dedicated activities document and will submit the information to NRAPA by not later than 31 October of each year. A minimum of two activities will be proof of dedicated participation.

Maintenance of dedicated status with NRAPA

  1. Last day for submission of Annual Dedicated Activities reports – 31 October (as per Regulation 4(c) of the Regulations (2004) of the FCA (Act 60 of 2000 as amended)
  1. Dedicated members do not have to submit an activities report for the year in which they join NRAPA.
  1. Dedicated members have to report two activities per annum to maintain their status.
  1. Any TWO of ANY of the following activities in ANY combination relevant to the type of dedicated status a member had qualified for.
  1. Participate in any form of hunting trip (furred and feathered game) (if you are the cook or the photographer on the hunting trip it counts as a hunting trip).
  1. Any shooting range activity participated in by a dedicated member, which is related to hunting (i.e. hunting load development), irrespective of where this took place. Note: Shooting on shooting ranges on farms only accepted if you have written Exco approval to do so.
  1. Dedicated Sports-Person: Participation in the NRAPA In-house postal target shooting exercises. (Contact the office for shooting exercises).   All targets shot on one particular day constitute one activity (that day`s activity).  Scores of the specific target(s) have to be forwarded via e-mail or fax to the NRAPA office to count as an activity.  Note: Shooting on farm shooting ranges only accepted if you have written Exco approval to do so.
  1. Dedicated Sports-Person: Participation in the NRAPA annual national postal target shooting competition.  Scores of the specific target(s) have to be forwarded via e-mail or fax to the NRAPA office to count as an activity.  Note: Shooting on farm shooting ranges only accepted if you have written Exco approval to do so.
  1. Dedicated Hunter or Sports-Person: Any other non-NRAPA shooting range, hunting related or firearm related activity participated in by a member irrespective of where it took place (thus any non-NRAPA shooting activity with handguns, rifles, shotguns, lever action rifles, black powder handguns and rifles, air guns, or semi-auto rifles/carbines - load development is also considered a dedicated activity as is ordinary target shooting when shooting in a rifle or handgun for hunting purposes).  All target shooting on one particular day constitute one activity (that day`s activity) Note: Shooting on farm shooting ranges only accepted if you have written Exco approval to do so.

Non Activities Report

Dedicated Members may submit a non-active report due to personal circumstances if s/he could not participate in any of the above-mentioned activities, in a given year.  A non-active report for a second year in succession will only be accepted if clear evidence and written documentary proof of reasons is furnished.

Proof of participation in activities reported:

  1. Members are urged to always keep documentary proof of all events they participate in as they will need such proof when renewing licences - a person has to prove that s/he used the firearm for the purposes s/he motivated in her/his original application for it`s licence.
  1. Members forward proof of activities to NRAPS office (also keep proof for own records). BUT REMEMBER; submitting an activity is considered to be as good as an individual sworn statement and thus carries the consequences of legal action should reported activities be found to be irregular or cannot be proven if members are required to prove participation in a specific reported activity.

Very important !!

  1. Failure to comply with the requirement to submit an annual activities report on or before 30 November annually will automatically cost a dedicated member his/her dedicated status by January the following year (irrespective of him/her being a paid-up or life member).
  1. Loss of dedicated status effectively means that such a member will be in possession of illegal firearms, unless s/he has the equivalent dedicated status with another accredited association.
  1. As is prescribed by Law, SAPS (CFR) must be informed of all dedicated members who loose their dedicated status in a specific year. This procedure has no effect on continued validity of paid-up membership.