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  • I realise I may not practise a trade related to hunting, on the grounds that I possess Dedicated Hunter Status in terms of Section 16 of the Firearms Control Act, 60 of 2000.

    I undertake to submit proof of my hunting and/or sport shooting activities before the end of October annually.

    I realise it is my own responsibility to maintain the above and to continue to be involved in hunting or branch related activities. At the time of renewal of my annual membership, upon request I shall be able to present proof of my involvement in hunting activities during the previous 12 months, and that the NRAPA MUST and SHALL inform the SAPS should I not comply herewith. I acknowledge that in such event I will lose my Dedicated Status and I will have no claim whatsoever against the NRAPA or its management or any of its officials. The responsibility of meeting the conditions of maintaining my up-to-date Status and to stay active as prescribed in The Dedicated Status Manual, lies solely with me.


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